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Business intelligence

Because of the volume of data at its disposal, our epoch has developed an undeserved feeling of superiority, whilst the very real criteria focus on the degree to which human know how to knead and control the information that he has.


Dedicated market studies and newsletter in English, to impulse your business to the fullest extent of your ambitions!

Proactiveness in Eastern Europe
Intelligence reports on your strategic segments,
(UE/SMEs-SMIs, legislation, market development, call for tenders,
In Eastern Europe, from Baltic to Balkanic countries.
Contac us four our dedicated services.

Multilingual monitoring, a key strategy

Economic and sector-based lookout for enterprises:
  • Economic & competition
  • Science & Technology
  • Building - Civil Engineering
  • Media - IT - ICT - ICT - NICT
  • Tourism & Hostelry
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical
  • Legislation & Regulation ...
  • Public Contracts

Multilingual business intelligence

We provide watch reports directly in English, French, German or Italian, on the basis of the documentation of our partners, specialising in different sectors of business in Eastern Europe. We also translate market research, prospective analyses, call for tenders, bidding documents...

Multilingual monitoring is rightly considered strategic for companies, Administration or organisations, because knowing how to listen in a global context, is to give oneself the means to take the relevant decisions, to better prepare oneself to take effective action to reach the objectives set out.

Since the end of the 1990s, as a result of globalisation, the translator in charge of this new focus area has become the obligatory partner of companies. Major advances have been made in documentation and selection in multilingual processing with the new technologies and research tools.


More informations about our service Argos

Argos is our service of watch report and translation specialising in business intelligence, which brings you a valuable assistance in decision-making. Through adequate selection of partnerships, with the best national actors in Eastern Europe, our Agency provides a wide a wide variety of intelligence targeted services in the language of your choice (English, German, French, Italian and others).

Business intelligence is a highly confidential mission, so confidentiality is the primary virtue of our selected partners and our translators and summarisers watchmen.

Target : Eastern Europe emerging markets, from Baltic to Balkan countries.

For more informations, please fill out the contact form, stating "Argos" in the reasons for the request and we will contact you as quick as possible, in order to assess your needs and to present a complete and accurate intelligence service offering.

Our agency has developed a major centre in many linguistic combinations of Eastern Europe emerging markets

- Albanian,

- Armenian,

- Bosnian,

- Bulgarian,

- Croatian,

- Czech,

- Estonian,

- Georgian,

- Hungarian

- Latvian,

- Lithuanian,

- Macedonian,

- Moldavian,

- Montenegrin,

- Polish,

- Romanian,

- Russian,

- Slovak,

- Slovenian,

- Serbian,

- Turkish,

- Ukrainian

with the main Western Europe languages, and specially English, French, German and Italian, and also Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese.

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