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Literary Translation

English's Primacy

I tell all the translators of my work in the world to be unfaithful in order to be loyal.

Amos Oz[1]

Lingua Veritas offers talented collaborators in differents languages and in most areas: from the literature to the science.

The literary translation does not refer to the content, but to the provisions relating to the intellectual property because the work is marketed (book, movie, theater play, article published in collective book, or in online review with subscription...).

Literary translation occurs in all cases involving commercial publishing:

  • Book (all types, from the poetic collection to the practical guide),
  • Article published in press magazine, newspaper, or website, regardless of what domain it concerns, from marketing to astrophysics,
  • Theater play for publication or for public performance,
  • All audiovisual support destined to a commercial use (film, documentaries, reportages...),
  • Video-games destined to a commercial use,
  • All interactive presentation destined to a commercial use (CD, DVD...),
  • Etcaetera.

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  1. In English, over the microphone of Elise Chassaing of the Journal de la culture, Arte Television, "Salon du livre" in Paris, 2008/03/14
See also, A Lost Chapter From the Life of Oz, by H.R Heinze



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