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The Virtue of Perfectionism

Success has a simple formula: do your best, and people may like it.

Sam Ewing[1]

Every service provided by lingua veritas is done by experienced professional translators. The choice of service depends on the type and destination of the document to be translated.

Formula Basic translation

Reserved for company internal communication, administrative or private mail, for any document of general information which does not involve the corporate or institutional image and which is not presented to general public.
  • Service provided by a experienced translator and checked by a second linguist.

Formula Standard translation

Adapted to any professional or commercial document : watch, market research, product catalog, presentation cards, marketing material... It's the minimum formula recommended for any document presented to general public or users.
  • Service provided by an experienced translator and checked,
  • reviewed by a professionnal proofreader.

Formula Premium translation

Recommended for legal and technical (even internal) documents, call for submission, websites, marketing and communication, press release, advertorial...
  • Service provided by a specialised experienced translator and checked,
  • reviewed by a professionnal proofreader.

Formula Expert translation

Recommended for legal translation (law field), business translation (contracts, patents,...), translations of scientific articles, national Administration publications, Prestige communication...
  • Service provided by a specialised experienced translator and checked,
  • revised by a consultant expert
  • reviewed by a professionnal proofreader.

Formula Legalis

Sworn translation, authenticated translation of notarial deeds, certified translation of Civil status documents... Not to be confused with a legal translation (in the law field).
  • Service provided by a sworn translator appointed at his regional court.
All type of translations may be certified. Concerning translations of Civil status documents certified by a sworn translator, these translations are valid in the country and abroad in European Union. All bear the stamp and signature of the sworn translator.

"For key documents, national authorities are obliged to accept certified translations from other EU countries".

Literary Translation

Lingua Veritas is proud to offer talented collaborators in main languages and field, from the literature to hard science, coupled, for audiovisual translators, with good technical dispositions.

Audiovisual Translation

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  1. Sam Ewing Sam Ewing (1920-2001), american writer, journalist and humorist.



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