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If life had a second edition,
how I would correct the proofs.

John Clare, Peasant Poet

Publishing localisation

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This broad range of editorial services is indispensable for localising quality books, articles or web sites, compatible with the usages and customs of each country in writing, typography and layout.

A range of complete localised editorial services

In order your print or digital publications agree with national standards
  • integration of translation into numerous DTP sowftares
  • compliance with the national style sheet, layout, typography, etc.
  • Editing, writing, redrafting, synthesis etc.
  • proofreading and copy-editing in order to pass the proofs (final/press proof)


  • Writing (press/publishing) and copywriting (ads/communication)
  • Reviewing, checking, proofreading
  • Rewriting (press/books), redrafting (legal)
  • Harmonisation of style, tone, nuance, register and adequation with cultural context
  • Recasting (books/press)

Layout services

  • Respect of local layout uses
  • Respect of local typographic uses
  • Integration under DTP softwares
  • Proofreading on PDF document

Graphical charter

  • Consulting for the formulation and implementation of a local or international graphical charter
  • Monitoring compliance with a predetermined graphical charter (all medias)

Each country following its own norms in typography and layout, it's important for your international corporate image to respect them.

In order to curb the cost of editorial localisation, you can take advantage of comprehensive consultation on the definition of a global project prior to start it.

Service available in main european languages

For others idiomas, we will closely coordinate the partnership, although we remain the sole guarantor of the services.



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