News:Argos:Croatia, Romania, Serbia sign Pan-European Oil Pipeline agreement

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Croatia, Romania and Serbia came closer to laying a Pan-European Oil Pipeline (PEOP) on Tuesday (April 22nd), as they signed an agreement in Bucharest to promote the project valued at up to 3.5 billion euros. [...]

The project development company (PDC) will have 2,100 shares valued at 100 British pounds (about 125 euros) each, distributed equally among the three countries. Each of them will thus hold a third of the equity of over 262,000 euros through the companies representing them. Croatia's representative will be its Janaf company, Serbia's Transnafta and Romania's the Conpet and Oil Terminal companies. The two Romanian enterprises will contribute 35,000 British pounds (about 43,736 euros) to the PDC share capital each.

Southeast European Times



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