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By JIM SOUHAN, Star Tribune

One intriguing and occasionally hilarious aspect of covering the Olympics in a foreign country is the presence of interpreters, many of whom, especially in China, seem under orders to avoid controversial questions and answers.

At beach volleyball, every answer from a Chinese player seemed to be a scripted speech from a Zen handbook. The other day a 19-year-old volleyball player was asked an innocuous question and this was the response, once filtered through the translator:

"I have exhausted myself totally. I have exhausted each and every ounce of strength I have and wisdom I harbor, and this is the best possible experience and match I have had in my whole lifetime.

"Beach volleyball is such that it is entertaining in nature, yet it really advocates a good fighting spirit.

Her real answer was probably something like: "We just take it one match at a time.

A story in the China Daily on Wednesday featured a quote that probably wasn't doctored by a translator. China women's basketball coach Thomas Maher, after his team beat Belarus in a sloppy game, said this of his players: "We're like reformed drug addicts. We have to focus very, very hard. Otherwise we will fall back to bad habits very quickly.

Why would be bring up J.R Rider like that?

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