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1. Language specifications and translation software requirements

In what languages do you offer translation services?

  • Essentially into or from: Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian.

But we provided also more exotic languages (Hebrew, Georgian...)

What CAT and localization tools do your translators use?
  • CAT : They use mainly – Wordfast (the best value for money), and some use Trados and DejaVu

Localization tools

  • CATALYST 5.0

2. Translator qualifications

What criteria do you set when hiring or contracting with translators? (For example, what testing methods do you employ? Are translators required to be native speakers? Do your translators work in your offices or are they freelancers? Are they required to live in country? Are they ATA (or comparable) certified?)

  • We work with an online Web-based internal platform, it means that we are only 4 translators at the office (+ accountant + Webmaster), others translators are free-lancers who work at home.

  • Free-lancers are self-employed workers who are only responsible for their declaration to the competent authorities of their country, they are supposed to pay their taxes and social security contributions. We are able to control the veracity of the communicated elements only on the Croatian national territory.

  • When a free-lancer is needed, we consult our translators data-base to find the best value for money.

  • Our translators are native speaker academicians, they only work on the small fields they are specialized in and have been tested for. Our tests are very hard to succeed because we choose only 1 or 2 sentences, but they are very tricky with chosen false cognates.

  • As we are a web-based Agency, people are not required to live in a specific country, for example, a German-English free-lancer may live in Croatia and vice versa.

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